Saturday, April 26, 2008

The forecast in my town is very shifty. It was supposed to rain today and is actually extremely bright and lovely. Sometimes I like the way this works, since the bright side of a disappointing forecast is always that it might be far from correct. (Although I try not to think in these terms when the newspaper declares sun and seventy-five-degree weekends are ahead.)

It was supposed to rain tomorrow and is now expected to, um, not. I wonder what will happen?


Friday, April 25, 2008

Farewell to the Sweetness and Sunshine

Today is the last lovely day for a while. Tomorrow it goes down to about fifty-nine degrees (Fahrenheit), and then the next couple of days will be a few degrees lower, which is great for months like September and March, but when it's been this warm for this long (about two weeks), I feel sad when it gets cold once more.

April is weird. About six years ago we got a blizzard and yesterday it was almost eighty degrees.

Actually I prefer cold sunny weather to cold rainy weather and RI is about to get the cold rainy kind.

But I just remembered they're having snow in the Midwest sometime soon, so I'm going to halt my complaints right here.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have read several of Shakespeare's sonnets but never completed one of his plays. I know I should have by now, but there is a smattering of Shakespeare books in my bedroom -- that is to say, in the bowels of my bedroom, which is currently about halfway through the process of being Organized (meaning I dump out every one of my drawers, look through all of my short stories, poems, and journals, decide which to keep and which to throw away, decide to keep everything, and then get bored) -- and I tend to pick them up when I want to read something but don't know what. I read Shakespeare for a while and then just sort of forget about it once I begin to read something else. I like them but actually find them slightly tedious. Although some of my favorite stories in Neil Gaiman's Sandman are the Shakespeare ones.

Well, today is the anniversary (how many years?) of Shakespeare's death.

It was a good warm day to remember someone. I'm telling you, April is really amazingly unpredictable, at least in Rhode Island. About six years ago we got a blizzard, and today was eighty degrees. Global warming, I wonder?