Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Little Hole Opens Up In Me (And Other Things)

I have twenty Followers on Twitter. It's funny, I joined Twitter because Neil Gaiman talked (and talked) about Twitter and obviously really liked it; and so I figured, Okay. Something's got to be kind of cool about this Twitter thing. Whatever it is.

And I think it's just so much fun, and actually is very cool.

I am EmilyLady on the site, if thou art by some chance interested.

I picked up a copy of Laurie Halse Anderson's new book today - "Wintergirls"! I told myself I would wait until I found it at the library to read it, but I knew I would be upset and missing it if I didn't take it home with me from Barnes and Noble. And so I did. I had to.

Sometimes that just happens when I start a book - I put it back on the shelf and walk through the door, to the car waiting outside ... and a little hole opens up in me.

What else is there to say? ...

Well. Not much. I just felt a twinge of guilt for neglecting the blog for a few days; for some reason I feel lately that I have to update a lot more often than I once did.

Not that I don't enjoy it. And thanks so much to everyone (particularly the Fiends) for commenting. It's such a treat.