Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Reminder About National Adoption Month

Okay, how many of you have little brothers? Eleven-year-old Jack is sitting on the sofa beside me (yes, I have Internet at home now, don't have to post every single blog entry from the library) reading aloud his Star Wars-esque narrative and driving me absolutely nuts.

Thank goodness. He's done now. He's actually a marvelous writer but is adding the John Williams Star Wars theme to his reading and it's really quite distracting while I'm trying to make a post. Oh well.

I'll make this quick, so I don't have to struggle for long. I was going to post a reminder that November is National Adoption Month -- a good time of year to take a look at and -- if you live in Rhode Island, like me -- There's one site I particularly like,, but it's really only useful if you live in Michigan. Still, a wonderful adoption site.

Jack has left the room but I'm going to go try and catch the last sliver of daylight. Just got back home from a stuffy clinic (all this hospital business is so not fun) and feel like breathing real air.