Friday, May 23, 2008

Pizza Tonight

It's up in the seventies today, and is due to be eighty on Monday. I always kind of look forward to the hot weather in late May or early June, since it means the cold weather is probably leaving for the rest of the season.

Today is also my grandmother's birthday, which is exciting because The Doctors had told us she Wasn't Going to Make It. And now there is no trace of the illness left. We are very happy that she is here and she's coming from Massachusetts to have a pizza dinner with us tonight ....

I'm spending time at the library before she arrives, and think I will take a walk in the lovely green village.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boys and Girls and Books for Girls That Some Boys Like to Read

I just discovered, via a customer review on, that a boy read Susan Runholt's novel -- The Mystery of the Third Lucretia -- and loved it! Hopefully you will read it and love it too ....

Another series I always enjoy is the Alice series, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (who has several wonderful books to her name), and lots of young women -- as well as some middle-aged women, I've heard -- tend to love them. And I was surprised to learn a couple of years ago that boys read and enjoy them too.

(A quick but vaguely interesting note: I have words on the back of Dangerously Alice, which is still in hardcover. If you can find it, something I once said to the author is at the bottom of the back cover.)