Friday, June 20, 2008

Old Things and Jitterbugs

Seventy-eight degrees today; utterly and gloriously perfect weather.

I'm helping out with a tour of antiques today -- furniture, paintings, and toys. I have a great fondness for very old dolls and books and treasure my German copy of a compilation of Hans Christian Andersens' fairy tales. It has the sweet old-book smell and I have found dry flower petals pressed in between the leaves.

Fortunately, much of the tour takes place outside.

Tomorrow two of my younger brothers (Jack and William) perform in their Wizard of Oz play. I am extremely excited to see nearly-seven-year-old William as a Tough Guy Munchkin (of the Lollipop Guild), Poppy, Winkie, and Twister. I really am. And ten-year-old Jack shall play Uncle Henry. Jack also has to be a Jitterbug (?) and claims to hate the costume with a passion. This makes me curious and very interested to see it.

I hope the weather is every bit as lovely in your area, but I hear it's dreadfully hot in Los Angeles. (Keep cool, Yoga Gal.)


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Now, the truth is I don't really like Fathers Day. My own father is really not particularly nice, although all the public ever sees is his pretend persona -- which is genial and loving. I get to be seriously nauseated upon watching him interact with people outside of his immediate family. At home (though fortunately I no longer reside with him) he was always ... you know. Well. Not very nice, as I said.

I would, however, love to wish all my readers a Happy Fathers Day, especially those without fathers or those who are enduring difficult times with their fathers. And also to all the fathers.

Happy Fathers Day.