Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Can Actually Eat Candy and Other Little Things About Halloween (Not Much, but Enough)

I've never been much of a stickler for Halloween. Nor have I ever felt a particular fondness for it. It does have its fun charm, its uniqueness, its colorful personality. But I've never taken very well to stumbling around in the dark tripping over my own costume ... and holding a flashlight and candy bucket, and then of course not ever getting to consume all the candy. I've never been particularly fond of candy, either! Chocolate, of course, is wonderful. Chocolate is great. But anything really manufactured, anything really particular - like gummy worms or Sweet Tarts - I could never get into that stuff. Benjamin always rather liked the variety, though. And Jack has a gummy worm (and gummy bear) problem. We're stopping at Rite Aid every other night to refresh his supply.

As a general rule, people tend to assume I've lost all interest in candy since I have juvenile diabetes. WRONG. If I take the right amount of insulin I can eat all the candy I want. This just happens to not be very much. I've only had diabetes for five years, and even before then I was just not into the candy.

And also for your information, I had apple pie yesterday and three chocolate chip cookies the day before, without breaking any rules of any sort. Also balanced it out with fruits and vegetables and whole-wheat bread. So I am a winner.

Jack is going as Ringo Starr this year (he has a Thing for Ringo). William has a Star Wars costume of some sort ... not quite sure exactly what he is; some sort of clone with a mustache. Ben is on the fence about getting dressed up. He's quite sure he isn't going out for tricks or treats but might like to dress up anyway. He's thinking of being a coal industry executive (as Ben will tell you, the coal industry is evil and you should support the Reality Coalition).

I of course shall be watching "Catspaw" from Star Trek's second season. This is, in fact, the way to celebrate Halloween.

So happy Halloween.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"A Nerd Like Me, a Nerd Like Me ..."

Hey. I began work as an official library page today. I don't know how much it says about my personality that shelving books is my Dream Job, but there you go.

Oh, not to mention the Star Trek audio-book that arrived at the library (per the request of yours truly) this afternoon. And then there was the checking out of Euclid's Elements. My first boyfriend should be a nerd like me. That could be a song ... "A nerd like me, a nerd like me, all you've got to be is a nerd like me ..."