Monday, May 18, 2009

Emily, The Purest Creature On Earth

Had a doctor appointment as bland as ... as ... well, I almost said vanilla ice cream, but not only would that be perfectly unoriginal, it would also be going against my opinion of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is special. So mostly, the appointment was just bland. Aren't these people DONE with me yet?

Anyway. Went home and brought myself back to life with "The Trouble With Tribbles." It helped. A lot. Then tomorrow of course I have another appointment and I think by then I just may be too dead to bring myself back to life. Maybe someone else can do it for me?

I am taking the "What Fantasy Creature Are You?" quiz I found on Facebook (speaking of which, who ever knew Facebook could be so much fun? Er. Well. You probably did. I only just got an account and am very happy I did). Let's see.

One moment as I finish the quiz.

"When someone attacks you, how do you react?"

Can't I just scream or elbow them or something? I don't think I would "drown them or rip them limb from limb; use [my] inhuman strength [to] drain them of their life force; crush them with [my] powerful legs, and stab them with [my] weapon; strangle them with vines, burn them, drown them, crush them ...; scorch the flesh off their bones," or "cause their death with [my] good looks."


If I had to choose one of them, maybe the last.

Kidding. Er. I was just ATTACKED, right? So I don't have much time for thinking, do I? So, let's say I would just ... This will take a minute. Moving on.

I chose the second. Can I give back their life force after I've gotten away from them? Does it hurt them to take their life force?

I wonder how much faith I should have in a quiz that contains the word "vegitables."

Here comes my result.

Unicorn. I am "the purest creature on Earth."

Right. Sure.

Otherwise it does sound surprisingly like myself.

Maybe now I should try "Which of the Seven Deadly Sins Are You?".

Or, I could read a book. This is the library.

I opt for book.