Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Environmentally-Savvy Youngster

Not terribly long ago, I posted about how William, upon recognizing he had left the water running in the sink for an extra couple of seconds, lamented that he had "killed polar bears."

This is a very environmentally-savvy youngster.

Yesterday he was pulling a paper towel off the rack, and the roll was stripped bare.

"Oh no!" he cried. "I used the last one! The world is going to end."

I didn't get it at first. I thought he was just being silly. So I said, "Boom." (The world has ended, exploded.)

"No, no, no," he explained. "It's not going to explode, it's going to get warm."

This is the same seven-year-old who gritted his teeth when I told him I might need surgery on my toe (didn't in the end) and said, "Oh, I don't know, surgery is expensive."

I can't decide whether this is a good thing ... or a not-so-good thing.