Saturday, June 28, 2008

Freakish Images

Today the air show is going on in Rhode Island. I've never been to it but take little fancy to the idea of standing around in the humidity plugging my ears. It's really quite loud enough without being directly under the show itself. I don't much like that the Air Show is still going on with the war in Iraq, but it is a benefit to Hasbro Children's Hospital, a place I appreciate very much.

It seems the Air Show always takes place on a hot or humid day. The weather today in RI is both. But I never ever complain about the summertime because I genuinely hate winter. I know people who like it, and I can never understand why (except in the case of children who like to play in snow).

Last night I started reading the graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline and found myself, for the first time, fully understanding his comment on how the story would likely give adults nightmares but be a great adventure for children. There is something markedly bizarre and slightly unpleasant for me in seeing the story this blatantly (although P. Craig Russel is one of my favorite artists). The author also once mentioned how it is so much easier for him to be sickened by descriptions because his mind can do so much, but actually seeing something up front didn't bother him nearly as much. Sometimes I feel the same way; sometimes, on the other hand, I cannot bear to look. (I remember beginning his Sandman series for the first time -- not so very long ago -- and having to take several weeks to adjust to the frequent ... Sandmanness of it.) After all, your mind can always tone things down, too.

I have to rush off to do something now.