Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Fun Night And Getting Better and a Question For Trekkies

Tonight was my first ever community chorus practice; loads of fun. We have all this fantastic music we're doing, from secular Christmas songs (the concert is of course at Christmastime) to traditional spiritual to the Star Spangled Banner to random fun theatrical songs.

I am getting better. I got back to library shelving today! I never thought I would miss shelving the mysteries (we don't get along. Ever. At all) ... but it was really really really nice. I am so content just shoving volumes into their correct places.

I asked a question on Yahoo! Answers and got one totally weird answer that just does not work for me on so many levels. The question was, "Trekkies: what think you of Leonard McCoy?" and goes on to say, "It seems people don't love him in the same way they tend to love Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, or both. I love Bones! Am I the only one who is very attached to him?"

So tell me your thoughts on McCoy. Because it seems like he's left in the dust so much of the time!

I tried for a few minutes to think of something more to say, but there wasn't anything, so, like. Bye.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Being Ill and Finding the Nerd Things That Make Up For It

Waiting and waiting for a bout of illness to fly away so that I can live my life. You know there's like nothing more fun than jumping on the trampoline on an autumn night? Okay, that's what I wish to do. And the stupid lungs won't let me (believe me, I tried).

It seems someone has very generously donated a boatload of Star Trek novels to the local library. A big nerd like me. Isn't that great? I wish I knew who'd done it so I can thank him/her profusely. There are a bunch of Next Generation books, in which I have little interest, but also a bunch of old-time Trekkie novels. The library, I guess, chose not to put them on the shelf (WHY NOT?!), but rather the "For Sale" cart. Oh well, suits me fine. I just wish other nerds could enjoy them. Or people who weren't nerds and were then converted. I can convert you, if you want.

Yesterday I submitted something to Teen Ink magazine (wish me luck). I told my mother and she said, "I thought you didn't write poetry anymore." To which I replied, "I thought so, too."

My creativity was semi-sapped when my ex-father was living with us. The abuse that went on at home can ruin a person. But something seems to have happened within the last week. Maybe the bronchitis triggered some sort of Word Juice and brought me to write real poetry again.

Since I have no schoolwork to do for now, what with the doctor telling me to do as little as possible, I guess I'll go back to doing my nerd things.