Monday, September 14, 2009

Being Ill and Finding the Nerd Things That Make Up For It

Waiting and waiting for a bout of illness to fly away so that I can live my life. You know there's like nothing more fun than jumping on the trampoline on an autumn night? Okay, that's what I wish to do. And the stupid lungs won't let me (believe me, I tried).

It seems someone has very generously donated a boatload of Star Trek novels to the local library. A big nerd like me. Isn't that great? I wish I knew who'd done it so I can thank him/her profusely. There are a bunch of Next Generation books, in which I have little interest, but also a bunch of old-time Trekkie novels. The library, I guess, chose not to put them on the shelf (WHY NOT?!), but rather the "For Sale" cart. Oh well, suits me fine. I just wish other nerds could enjoy them. Or people who weren't nerds and were then converted. I can convert you, if you want.

Yesterday I submitted something to Teen Ink magazine (wish me luck). I told my mother and she said, "I thought you didn't write poetry anymore." To which I replied, "I thought so, too."

My creativity was semi-sapped when my ex-father was living with us. The abuse that went on at home can ruin a person. But something seems to have happened within the last week. Maybe the bronchitis triggered some sort of Word Juice and brought me to write real poetry again.

Since I have no schoolwork to do for now, what with the doctor telling me to do as little as possible, I guess I'll go back to doing my nerd things.



spacedlaw said...

Ha! Poetry tends to creep on you...
I hope they'll accept your submission.
Get well soon.

EmilyLady said...

Thank you, Nathalie.

EmilyLady said...

And it's true poetry tends to creep up ... but I hadn't written a real poem in almost two years!