Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adopt Donald!

May 1997

Donald is a captivating, expressive and sensitive twelve year old boy who wants a forever family to call his own. He describes himself as being funny, silly, athletic, and just a fun kid. In the spring and summer, Donald loves to garden. He loves to grow tomatoes and eat fresh lettuce from the garden. Donald takes great pride in the vegetables that he can harvest. He enjoys many summer activities such as hiking, fishing, riding bikes, swimming, and camping. Indoors you may find him playing video games, watching movies, or playing cards. Donald's favorite movie is "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Donald loves to laugh and tell jokes. A childhood favorite book is Dr. Suess' "Green Eggs and Ham". His favorite sport is football, and he loves to cheer on the Patriots', Tom Brady!

Donald would love the opportunity to be with a family that could teach him how to draw, play sports with him, and have snowball fights. Staying active and being outside is important to Donald. He enjoys helping adults do yard work and chores. He is an affectionate young boy who thrives on attention and being around those who have a good sense of humor. In school Donald is currently in the 7th grade. He enjoys and is good at Math but appreciates help with homework assignments.

In Donald's words, "adoption is more difficult to talk about because I've been waiting for a long time. I don't think it will ever happen for me. I want a family that will always be by my side, watch sports with me, and play outside with me. I want a family that will make homemade mac-n-cheese with me, which is my favorite food. I dream about being in a family, going to Disney World, going to college, and becoming a policeman."

Donald will thrive in a family that is structured, consistent and firm with their rules, but a balance of love and nurturing. He has been given many reasons not to trust adults in his life and will need a family that will not waiver in their commitment to him. He is hopeful there is a family for him, but scared that a family will give up on him, as they have in the past. Because of disappointments in his life, Donald will also need a family that is patient in allowing him to trust others again. Donald is a compassionate, cuddly and irresistible little boy who has the potential to grow and succeed, but needs a family who will believe in him and be committed to parenting him.

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That's right, Donald doesn't think he'll ever be adopted. No kid is ever too old to be adopted.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dolls. Looking for a Piggie. Shelving Books. And Also a Link About Suicide.

Shelving library books is a really physical job. It's nice. Very nice. On the other hand, shelving the reference books gets to be really exhausting - it's mathematical, alphabetical, and physically taxing. So this has turned out to be a most interesting job, this paging at the library. Well, I'm glad to have it: volunteering is nice but I didn't even know I could have this as a job. For some reason, I guess, I supposed one had to be older than seventeen to be a page ...

Yesterday brought me to the antique shop in the local village. And they had a Japanese doll in a case predating 1921. And so this made me determined to organize a proper place for my Old Dolls collection. And it looks great, the squat little shelf under the window full of dolls ... if I can get my camera working a little better I'll put up a photograph. They look really lovely.

Today I would like to head down there again to pick up the most interesting-looking little ceramic piggie (I have a certain respect for pigs after reading the almost exclusively meat-related article in the Funk and Wagnall's encyclopedia set). But my blood sugar isn't in a cooperative mood this afternoon. This keeps me from walking into the village like I would otherwise be able to do.

I found this today - thought it was definitely worth posting. It's a really helpful article on suicide prevention; goes very in-depth about just how suicidal people tend to feel beforehand. I liked it. And I appreciated how unbiased it was, versus some of the other articles on suicide out there.

I suppose I'll go back to researching atomic elemental formulas now. You know it's a bit tricky, figuring out just which element has which particular formula ...