Saturday, July 11, 2009

Snapshots of the Marvelous Voyage

I promised you pictures, and now that I'm home from my second trip - as a nanny for a family vacationing in Massachusetts - I ...
... keep trying to think of something clever to say, but the best I could come up with - seriously - was, "I have got them pictures, dudes."

If someone would like to volunteer to kick the dead half of my brain into shape ...
This here was the only vegetarian item on the menu of Leo's Grill and Malt shop in Stillwater, but it was totally worth it. Yummy fruit - a delightful touch.

My roommate Revelle, being Special. She has a thing for Jurassic Park and velociraptors - so here she is, Revelle the Velociraptor.

The view from the gazebo nearby the inn where we Fiends gathered.

The bridge, of course, leads to Wisconsin. Isn't this so amazingly beautiful? (Ha. I didn't miss Rhode Island.)

The Valley Bookstore had birds in it, in a big glass cage. I did try to get better snapshots of the brightly colored ones, but I had trouble. I am, after all, a novice.

Chantrelle had truly awesome socks.

Perfectly Fiendish!

Siri, Bobbee (my temporary mom for the trip, and Revelle the Veleciraptor's permanent mom), and Marjorie (who gave me this camera).

(For those who wonder, "Here for the Quiche" refers to Lorraine of She is called Quiche and is the leader of the Fiends. Plus she's awesome. Forgot to mention that.)

Revelle found a hat in an antique shop. She sports it, as you can see, with pride.

Like mother like daughter ...

Now, I am afraid this shall have to be the conclusion for now. More tomorrow? Or whenever I can get around to it? I will be back, I promise. I would like to say I'm not ready to fall over and never ever get up again, but the thing is, I am.

So more later, Fiends and all.