Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poor Polar Bears

While brushing his teeth the other night, William left the water running for an extra two seconds.

"Darn, I killed polar bears," he said.

Okay, if nothing else has convinced me that kids hear what you say, this did the job.

Fourteen-year-old Benjamin will not eat meat, seafood, foods with vitamin D-3, foods with gelatin, or foods with the enzyme rennet. He fishes through the rubbish bin for items that just might possibly be even the slightest bit recyclable. He is prepared to kick global warming in all the right places. And he talks a lot about the environment.

I have made a list of potential colleges to attend next year or the one after that. This is quite exciting to me, I must say. Most of them are in Minnesota, but one is in Wisconsin and another is down in Maryland. I have been to Maryland, and liked it enormously. I have never been to MN or WI but really want to visit.

Also, I want to leave Rhode Island. I've lived here my whole life and there are, frankly, so many things I don't like about it.

As a closing note to this rather erratic post, I have a new book to review for VOYA. It is truly wonderful -- a thrilling change from the last couple of dreadful reads.

Let's see ... anything to say about the weather?

Cold, colorless, and dead. Yay.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Great Joys of Wintertime

It's snowing here (or, as one would declare in Japan, yuki ga futte imasu). I guess that's a good thing, except that we've already had an awful lot of the white stuff. I dreamt last night that the world went mad and started celebrating Christmas again. I checked the calendar and figured that either I was completely nuts or had been in a coma for the past year, the world was completely nuts and was just completely nuts and had not been in a coma, or was trying to stretch Christmastime out a little in order to bring joy into the economic darkness.

William has an awful chest cold. We'll all get it, but oh well. Spring must come soon. I'm glad February is, of all months, the shortest of the year.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well ...

It sent chills through my blood.

I left the cinema feeling exhilerated but totally relaxed, filled up with something special.

Reading the play was one thing and seeing the film was ... something else.


See it.