Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Kurt Cobain's Birthday

'Tis Kurt Cobain's birthday, it is, and Jack, the great rock n' roller/grunger of the family who loves Nirvana to pieces and is probably going to be the next Stephen Tyler (if he keeps growing his hair), wanted to celebrate.

"Let's make cupcakes," said my mother.

Sure sounded great to me. But no ...

Fourteen-year-old Benjamin ended up baking three cakes: two chocolate cakes because we had extra batter, and a Tollhouse cookie cake (we just call it Cookie Cake) for Will because that's the only kind of cake William likes and no one wanted him to feel left out. Benjamin used cake gel to write "In Loving Memory of Kurt Cobain - 1967-1994" on one cake and to draw a weasel on the other. (He has a thing for drawing weasels; this has nothing to do with Cobain.)

I might have pictures soon,.

Happy Kurt Cobain's birthday.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Feeling of a Summer Storm, and a Link to Don-Tay

The sky is purplish with and the air is cool.

It actually feels like there is a summer storm stirring up.

I am so ready to fall asleep. I think I've caught what all three of my brothers had in the last week - I feel feverish even though I don't actually have a fever (yet).

I also felt like I should put this up, just in case: