Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bengal Rescue

This was posted on Fabulous Lorraine's blog ... I've never actually met a real Bengal cat but Lorraine has a great love and passion for them and says they really are some of the most wonderful animals on Earth. So:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SOS Bengal Rescue NOW!!!!!!!!
We have two really lovely Marble Benglas sisters who need help NOW. We have until Wednesday evening to save them, or they will die. Not be "Put to Sleep" or "Euthanized". They will die. They are healthy, later generation, no behavioral problems. None of this is their fault.

Ohio are you there? Anyone near enough to make it?

All you need to foster these kitties is a room, anywhere. And a love of animals. No special experience.You have heard me talk about Bengals, and the problems with Lear and Magic, and you have also heard me say that most Bengals are wonderful loving kitties. These girls are later generation, with NO problems. Magic and Lear are early generation, who came with a LOT of problems. There girls are very, very adoptable, but what they need NOW is a foster home who can take them until we can get them to a current foster, or to stay with you until we find them a home.

They have no time.

I can't make it in time. And I have no more rooms. Help them and I will owe you a Favor.

A Really. Big. Favor.

(Yes, like in Neverwhere.) (Note: She's referring to her Boss's novel.)

From Janet at Great Lakes Bengal Rescue:

I have a situation in which I need a foster home for two bengal sisters in Cleveland, OH NOW. Due to a domestic problem, hospitalization, divorce, and now a move, the girls have no home. I have until tomorrow evening or they will be euthanized. I have no foster homes in OH. Please crosspost any way you can and keep fingers and toes crossed for the girls. If you can help, please email or call me.Thanks, JanetJanet SaltzmanGreat Lakes Bengal Rescuewww.greatlakesbengalrescue.comFort Wayne, IN260-672-2204

Love and Please Help Me,


So tell people.