Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On Sunday I paid a visit to Barrington Books in Barrington to attend a book signing by Kelly Easton, author of Hiroshima Dreams and White Magic (which I reviewed for VOYA), amongst others. It was a very small group -- including her husband and young son, and two of her friends, both of whom were also authors -- and was very cozy and friendly. I've never experienced that kind of atmosphere at a book signing, probably because I haven't been to many, and those I have attended were by very widely read authors. But it was nice -- we all chatted for about an hour. I was very excited when Kelly told me she had actually seen my review in the magazine. The only really unpleasant bit for me was around the end, when my allergies gave a great cackle and lunged for my throat. Sometimes I just start to choke on things in the air, and, however invisible the little demons might be, they make me feel as though I am about to throw up. I have to drink lots of water to keep that from happening; of course I could not hold a proper thanks-so-much-it-was-so-great-to-meet-you-stay-in-touch while I was choking. I kept trying to apologize but couldn't really do it without coughing. My eyes were streaming. It was absolutely absurd. As genuine as she was in claiming that she could sypmathize, it was a very embarrassing moment.

This little episode did not, I might add, spoil my day. I hate to end a post on such a negative note!