Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"A Nerd Like Me, a Nerd Like Me ..."

Hey. I began work as an official library page today. I don't know how much it says about my personality that shelving books is my Dream Job, but there you go.

Oh, not to mention the Star Trek audio-book that arrived at the library (per the request of yours truly) this afternoon. And then there was the checking out of Euclid's Elements. My first boyfriend should be a nerd like me. That could be a song ... "A nerd like me, a nerd like me, all you've got to be is a nerd like me ..."



Michael said...

My first job was being a Library Page. It is a great job! But it took me a while before I developed enough self-restraint to keep from checking out 20 books a day.

EmilyLady said...

QUITE understandable. It's a very physical job, as well - you've got to have a lot of endurance (especially for the gigantic reference books, and of course the huge reference section).