Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Book Reviews

Yesterday my copy of Voice of Youth Advocates arrived in the mail. This month's issue included two of my reviews; one is for The Mystery of the Third Lucretia (which I loved), and the other is for The Game of My Life (also a wonderful read). Unfortunately I was highly displeased with the latter review, but I knew when I finished writing it that it was probably the worst I had ever written (except, perhaps, for the very first, which was for The Grail Quest: The Shadow Companion, when I was so rushed I hardly stopped to think of the fact that the last two sentences should have been joined). Maybe I had trouble because it was the first nonfiction book I'd had to review.

And the review for Lucretia has a misprint, but oh well ...

The book I'm currently reading for the magazine is quite disturbing. It's about hunting and the descriptions are freaky. But I've read worse ...


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