Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Graveyard and a Tourist

Today is bright and green and full and fresh. I spent a lot of time in a beautiful graveyard (and it's not that I'm morbid but that graveyards are often to be found in the loveliest of places) and came back dirty but having seen, for the first time since sometime last spring, a vibrant (but oddly quiet) oriole, a big toad, and rich green grass. I don't think I've ever been in such a wholesome place (but I really don't get around much).

I also saw a tourist on the road that I was going to take to the graveyard but found it didn't lead to the graveyard after all ... I could tell he was a tourist by the way he got out of his car and started snapping photographs from every possible angle. We get lots of tourists in this village (where I don't live but often spend time). Anyway, I wasn't paying attention to the man until he turned to me and asked if I lived in the house which he was photographing. I suppose he wanted to make sure I didn't think he was creepy. But I didn't understand him and although I am very good with accents, it took me several moments to place his. I'm telling you, this is the very first time I had ever encountered a Scottish person in real life.

Culturally, I think Rhode Island is quite plain.



Yoga Gal said...

I'm not a Goth but I love graveyards as well. They are beautiful, green, peaceful places. Check out my October blogs entries. I live near a graveyard and they have a Buddhism temple, I often go there for it's so beautiful and peaceful.

EmilyLady said...

I've never been in a Buddhist temple -- as I said, RI is pretty bland in culture. But I love studying religion, all different kinds. I live on a busy main road but near the end is an enormous cemetery. I love to go into its depths because they are so quiet. But its size and being so close by the woods makes it dangerous, since creepy people tend to enjoy such places. But it's such a nice refuge from the madness of the main road.

I think a lot of people love graveyards, actually.


spacedlaw said...

Funny enough, I have spent much of today at the English Cemetery of Rome, taking pictures.
It's a beautiful place, full of wild vegetation and cats.
I love nice graveyards. Nothing gruesome about them either.