Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something I wrote is on page thirty of the summer issue of Teen Ink. A copy of the magazine arrived in the mail today, along with the pen and sticky-pad that the writers get when their work appears in it.

Earlier today I thought abotu stating this information matter-of-factly, as though to incline that I were merely pleased.

Screw modesty. I'm enormously excited. I am, in fact, jubilant, and undoubtedly thrilled.

The title is Unforgotten. If ever you feel interested, check page thirty.



Yoga Gal said...

How wonderful you got published! Congrats Girl! Where do I get a copy of Teen Ink to read your stuff? Again, good for you!

EmilyLady said...

You can find Teen Ink in many a library. Thank you so much!