Thursday, February 5, 2009

William, Coraline, Library Work, and Junie B. Jones

The new issue of VOYA came out today. My review isn't in this one - will probably be in the next - but this is a great issue. I love the article on librarians who became novelists.

I love library work myself. Shelving books is therapeutic.

So William and I are going to see Coraline tomorrow. (I would italicize it but Coraline is something special, and need not be italicized!) Coraline was a turning point for William - he realized, upon finishing it, that sitting through a chapter book could actually be fun. We have been speeding through the Junie B. Jones books lately. How I do love Junie B. Jones. My favorite has long been The Yucky Blucky Fruitcake and I do so look forward to reading it with Will!

William is out for a sleepover tonight. I miss him. Even one night without him makes me feel kind of empty. It sounds silly, but morning feels like years from tonight.

He is the most precious little thing. I can hardly wait to take him to see Coraline tomorrow.

I guess I'll go back to Answering on Yahoo! Answers. I spend lots of time in the Baby Names category, because it's way too much fun.

I have this thing for names.


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