Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I think they should just call them 'dogs'"

What is your idea of like a completely perfect Saturday?

Benjamin and I went to see Star Trek ... and then came home and played tennis. So awesome. So completely and utterly wonderful.

(Oh, and the movie was too. Ben wasn't sure he wanted to come but had a spring in his step on his way out of the cinema.)

Seriously ... what is your idea of a completely perfect Saturday? I would like to know.

The day had a little extra glow with this morning's conversation with William. I take it most parents eventually have the conversation about hot dogs with their kids? The why-are-they-called-hot-dogs talk? I find myself wondering how often the conversation goes like this:

"Emily, why do they call them 'hot dogs'?"

"Well, I don't really know."

"I think they should just call them 'dogs'."

I was kept busy today. In the unscheduled way. And that is just the way I like it!

The last couple of weekends were really busy, in the scheduled kind of way. This is something I also tend to like, but not as much.

Except for the upcoming voyage to Minnesota: this is one scheduled event that doesn't faze me by its being scheduled. Leaving on the twenty-fifth to see the Fiends (see!!

William is watching a movie on the other side of the room. Ever since the paintings were rearranged, so that the smaller one is parallel to the television and the larger one above the sofa, I cannot see the film reflected in the glass. I keep glancing up out of sheer habit.

The smell of popcorn fills the house as Jack and William watch their film. I have to tell you ... things have been so wonderful since my ex-father left the house.



Siri said...

Oooh!! First!!

My perfect Saturday is a quiet one, where I don't leave the house even to pick up the mail - p.j.s all day; wonderful food to eat (either purchased Friday after work, or cooked during the day). In the summer, a good baseball game on the radio; in the winter good movies to doze through. Then, end the day with Dr Who on the local public TV station.

That's because I work all week, and Sunday is church, and since I'd be a hermit, if there were any money in it, I'd be one. So, Saturday is my one day all alone, without talking to anyone except those I like, and sometimes not even those!

However, I'm looking forward to the Saturday at the fiendfest, because it will be the first day with everyone there. Giddy, I say, just giddy!

Siri said...

Ticky box, because I forgot, since I was so giddy.

Dragonsally said...

I have two perfect Saturdays.

One is a day out with my best friend, shopping, chatting, having coffee.

The other is reading outside on a warm Sunny day, with Pete and the dogs by my side, the birds chirping and bees buzzing.

And why do we call them hot dogs?

EmilyLady said...

Someone mentioned this morning at storytime that it had something to do with doxens ... which scare me, seeing as one tried to eat me not so long ago. I avoid that sect of the neighborhood these days ...

Both Saturdays sound wonderful ... thanks, Siri and Sally. And yay for the Fiendfest. I can't believe how incredibly soon it is. This morning Jack said to me, "How long before you leave?" And I said, "Ten days ..." Jack, of course, exclaimed, "I can't wait that long!" He wants me OUT of here.