Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Few More Photographs

As far as the photographs go, I think we left off somewhere around the trip to the antique shop - well, one of many antique shops we visited - and the Star Trek drinking glasses.

After the glasses, I found this.

Interesting, no? ...

Later that day, the Fiends left for a three-hour cruise on the lake (whose name I'm afraid I don't know).

I - very gladly - stayed behind to have supper with Susan Runholt ( ... but if anyone wants to tell me how to paste a link here so that you can just click on her name and be led to her website ...). Susan was a really kind, genuine person - one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life.

I never get tired of this shirt.

A lovely MN sky.

A day alone in town ... sitting by the lake reading Star Trek books.

And finally, Benjamin is happy that Emily is home. Emily is not.

Jack, of course, is the same as always. And not particularly happy to have his sister taking up his computer time.

Thus ends the travel log.

Until next time.



Siri said...

It's so nice to have the memories continue. I was very tempted to go back north this weekend, knowing there was to be rock.

Dragonsally said...

Your brothers are cute...but maybe you shouldn't tell them that ;)

Did you buy the Shooters' Bible? It looks heavy enough to use as a weapon!

EmilyLady said...

Ah, now I suppose it would be, wouldn't it? Better go back to MN to check if they still have it ... an excuse to return, bwahahahahaha.

EmilyLady said...

And my brothers certainly are cute; this I know (no matter how many times Jack gets up in the morning, stumbles over to the computer, and replies with a vicious "SHUT UP" when I inquire whether he might possibly be almost finished - or, if he is feeling particularly quiet, he just flips me off).

Marjorie said...

Hi Emily - the linky thing - use
(a href="url of the site you want to link to")words you want to appear for people to click on(/a)
except you need to use >< this kind of brackets, not the kind I used

EmilyLady said...

Marjorie, thank you thank you thank you so very much!