Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have a spoon doll, thanks to a molto kewl local antique shop. (There were loads of wonderful antique shops in Stillwater, MN, but there are a couple nice ones in this really small town of mine.)

"I don't have a name for her yet," I told William. "What should we call her?"

"Think of a book ..." he suggested.

"A book character?"

"Yeah." He paused. "How about Coraline?"

But I suggested Coraline was kind of a special name. This doll was not a Coraline.

"How about we name her after Junie B?" I exclaimed. "We can call her Junie!"

William said we should call her Jones.

"Perfect!" I said. "Because Coraline's last name is Jones, too!"

Thank you, William.

(Post trampolining outside. We're a bit frazzled.)



Siri said...

How do you do, Miss Jones. You are lucky to live with Emily.

And William.

Dragonsally said...

Excellent name for a cute doll. Love your photos Emily, they make me happy.

EmilyLady said...

Thanks, Siri. And Sally, your comment made ME happy this morning ... I wouldn't be able to take or post these photos without Marjorie, who gave me her camera.