Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pippin, School, and Don't Touch Her!

'Kay. I'm alive, I promise.

It would seem I did not make "Pippin" - they haven't got a cast list posted yet but haven't gotten back to me in the almost two weeks since I auditioned, so I figure I've been rejected. This means, however, that I can join the community chorus. It was one or the other.

I've been walking around feeling self-conscious, figuring everyone assumes I have the H1N1 virus - since I have this thing that brings about reckless coughing. People are probably like, "DON'T TOUCH HER!"

School has started again. I love the renewed structure. It's nice to have school back. People get dead bored when I tell them I'm home-schooled, though - a typical conversation with any adult:

"So Emily, what grade are you in now?"


"Ooooooh, a senior! Is it exciting?"

"Well, yes, I suppose so; I mean, I'm home-schooled -"

"Oh," the person will deadpan, his/her smile crashing to the floor. Then they just walk away.


School is school, my friends.

Speaking of which, I have to go get my day started.



Jess said...

Sounds to me like those adults never learned manners. Sheesh. I confess I had some preconceptions, and misconceptions, about homeschooling until I read your blog. But even before I knew better, I wouldn't have given you a blank stare and then walked off. That's just rude.

I think you're interesting, and I know you don't have the deadly plague! And as long as you cover your mouth, I don't mind if you cough. Go for it! :) Though I hope you feel much better soon. It sounds miserable.

So what are you studying this term?

EmilyLady said...

Lots of people have Ideas about home-schooling before they learn about it - most people, I think, don't realize that there are so many different ways to do it. Sometimes it really is NOT the best idea for someone's education.

Studying? Geometry, on which I'm pretty behind; Shakespeare and Faustian plays (love the Faustus story); chemistry; world history (mostly the Roman Empire right now - fascinting; I love reading about the Romans); Danish (because we have a young guest coming to visit Rhode Island who can't speak English) ... let's see ... that's all I can think of right now, but school's only just begun. Thanks also for the well-wishes. I hope this thing clears up soon.

vampi said...

what kind of dolt can't come up with at least a question of curiosity on home schooling. i now nothing much about homeschool, but i know if we had that exchange i would ask about your school day and how you structure it. how the internet plays into your lessons. do you feel like you miss out on interaction with other kids or group projects/lab activities? how did your family decide on home schooling, because thsat is a big commitment not veryone can undertake.

see i thought of 3 directions for the conversation in 30 seconds. some people just don't have conversation skills to go with their manners. even if they dudn't care to know more, they could just say 'oh that's interesting" and change the topic.

anyways, i do hope you feel better. you have to be careful with coughs because they can linger.
sorry about pippin, that's pretty rude of them to not even let you know one way or the other.

EmilyLady said...

Thanks, Donielle. I did write a sort of essay for the blog once all about home-schooling; you should be able to find it somewhere if you wanted. I don't miss out on interacting with other kids, because the amount of yourself you put into the world is up to you. I hang out at the library and am able to start a conversation with someone if I want to. You could be in school and nobody would ever learn your name. Mom decided to home school because our school system was in completely wacky turmoil at the time; they had the lunch aids forcing kids to clean up the cafeteria floor by hand (I was one of them)! Plus Benjamin and I were learning next to nothing, partly because of the way they were teaching - though we were lucky to have pretty good teachers overall; I'm still in touch with some of my elementary school teachers - and partly because of our own mental inclinations. I could go on about how our school day is structured, but methinks you would be better off checking out the essay.

vampi said...

im pretty sure i read it when you posted it, i was just giving examples of easy ways to continue that convo with out being rude.

i definitely needed to be schooled, i don't have the motivation on my own, although now i do seek out learning opportunities. i think it's a matter of not appreciating what i had at the time.

EmilyLady said...

Quite understandable. I know I love learning on my own, and think home-schooling might have had something to do with that - yet on the other hand, I have always been inclined to learn. I was a little scientist (so is William!).