Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Book, And Things Going On

Yesterday, I finished reading Pamela Lowell's "Returnable Girl". It was absolutely perfect - just so amazingly, fantastically wonderful, and it has become one of my comfort books - a book whose characters I think of when I'm hurting for whatever reason.

Sunday is normally my day off, a day when I wake up with nothing scheduled for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, however, is the local talent show. I wasn't planning on participating, but Will wanted me to sing "Give My Regards to Broadway" with him, and we've really had a lot of fun.

We are getting a snowstorm on Monday. Groooaaan ...

Yesterday was almost sixty degrees F. How much longer are we Rhode Islanders supposed to get jerked around?

I'll try and stay alive with some tea and ... some tea. Oh, plus, maybe, a new book to read.


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