Monday, February 23, 2009


My day is done. I like the end of a day. I also like Sunday, when I can be spontaneous - when I wake up in the morning with no idea what I will end up doing.

It is good to be busy, though. I haven't been bored in a good long while and I like things this way.

So I just finished up a day that started with storytime at the library and ended with Chinese lesson with my tutor (such fun), with rehearsal with William for the local variety talent show and babysitting in between. I'm pretty much ready to sleep. The only problem is, of course, that once I get into bed, I'm pretty much free to travel the world and I need to be doing something other than lying with my eyes closed.

I think I'm starting to sound a little wacky. Should I post this?

Oh, why not?

Good-night from Rhode Island.


P.S. I wonder how many other bloggers aren't blogging about the Oscars?

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